About Me

Me (Rachel) with My Niece I have always enjoyed teaching and working with children. I began babysitting and teaching when I was still fairly young myself. I grew a reputation for having a knack with especially difficult children. I found that instead of growing frustrated by difficult behavior, I enjoyed being challenged; I used these experiences to refine my skills as a child care provider.

In school, I studied psychology, theology, and child development. I was interested in studying psychology as it relates to children and the family structure. I was particularly interested in studying therapeutic alternatives to medication for disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

After college, I spent three years working as a Child Welfare Specialist (or caseworker) with Intact Family Services at the Children’s Home. My work at the Children’s Home allowed me to gain experience working with the entire family.

My experience:

  • Studied Child Development, Psychology, and Theology
  • Received my BA from Wheaton College
  • Over 18 years of babysitting/nanny experience
  • Taught violin and piano lessons
  • Taught 4 & 5 year old children in Children’s Church for 8 years
  • Mentored/taught 6th grade girls for 3 years in the AWANA program
  • Leader of Children’s Church Department
  • Teacher at Grace Methodist TLC Daycare for around 5 years
  • Tutored children from the South Side of Chicago for 3 years
  • Licensed Child Welfare Specialist (caseworker) with Intact Family Services Program for 3 years
  • Licensed Foster Care Parent/experience as a substitute caregiver